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March 9, 2021
New Release
Making Every MFL Lesson Count: Six principles to support great foreign language teaching

Making Every MFL Lesson Count: Six principles to support great foreign language teaching

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Learning Solutions in Counseling
By Robert Mcneilly

Completely re-mastered four-DVD, three-hour set offers a series of demonstrations based on the use of solution-oriented counseling where the focus is on future outcomes. Each session begins with an introduction and background information by the author and has been taped live. These therapeutic demonstrations cover:

· Resolving Depression. Feeling ‘invisible,’ the client is helped to develop ways to generate becoming ‘visible.’ Past, recent, and imagined future experiences are explored and clarified.

· Resolving a Fear of Heights. A man’s intense concern for the safety of his children provides the motivation for resolving his fear of heights.

· Overcoming Anxiety. A woman’s anxieties about separation from her family are explored as body-felt experiences, as are the preferred emotions of relief and safety. Her worries are validated, normalized, and reframed.

· Resolving Trauma. A man’s trauma about his son’s surgery is reframed and reconnected with skills that he has used to deal with past traumas.

About the Author: Robert McNeilly was in a general medical practice for 10 years, and then became inspired by Milton Erickson’s humanistic approach to therapy. In 1988 he founded The Centre for Effective Therapy to introduce Ericksonian Hypnosis and the Solution Oriented approach to hypnosis, counseling, and coaching in Australia.



Learning Solutions in Counseling


Format: Dvd
ISBN: 1935810073
Published: August, 2011
Availability: Available
Price: $39.95