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March 9, 2021
New Release
Making Every MFL Lesson Count: Six principles to support great foreign language teaching

Making Every MFL Lesson Count: Six principles to support great foreign language teaching

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Inside-Out Wealth: Holistic Wealth Creation
By Michael Hall

Mention wealth and most people assume you are talking about money. Yet wealth is about so much more than just finances. Wealth is about your quality of life, mind, and experience. It is about living a life of abundance and enrichment both inside and out. Paradoxically, wealth also involves things that money can't buy love, vitality, health, relationships, peace of mind, compassion, meaning, and much more.

Wealth is truly an inside-out phenomenon with four key dimensions: being - doing - having - and giving. Inside-Out Wealth offers you the secrets you need for creating a solid financial foundation. Based on a popular workshop that has been conducted on five continents for over ten years this is a book that could radically change your life.

In Inside-Out Wealth you will discover secrets of various kinds of wealth creation - personal, behavioral, interpersonal, as well as financial secrets for becoming truly rich in every area of life - in your mind, emotions, relationships, career, finances, and creativity. Discover how to become financially stable, financially independent, and then financially free. Discover how to tap into the heart of wealth so that your inner wealth becomes an ever-flowing spring for external wealth. Dr. Hall will guide you as your personal Wealth Coach through the process of creating and actualizing your customized Wealth Creation Plan.



Inside-Out Wealth: Holistic Wealth Creation


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1890001376
Published: November, 2010
Availability: Available
Price: $37.95
Pages: 274