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February 26, 2021
New Release
Making Every MFL Lesson Count: Six principles to support great foreign language teaching

Making Every MFL Lesson Count: Six principles to support great foreign language teaching

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The Pocket Life Coach
By Peter Chapman

Peter Chapman had dreams of making it big and through commitment and hard work became British Bodybuilding Champion in 1991. With this success came body obsession which led to drug dependency. In a bid to break the habit and start taking responsibility for his life, Pete studied many of the healing arts including philosophy, yoga, nutrition, psychology and coaching in search of a way being healthy and feeling good about himself. He has since learned to live a healthy life without drugs and has used his experience to help others.

He has run a gym, trained professional athletes and has worked with youth groups to a develop drug rehab programme. Pete now mentors teenagers through this programme to be healthy and successful without the need for drugs. Life is complicated these days and none of us have all the answers all of the time, especially when it comes to our own life. We all need a little objective guidance from time to time when we want to improve or change something about ourselves and our lives. It is not always easy to find someone who has the ability to help us change for the better and one thing is for sure, no-one is going to do it for us.This is Pete's simple guide and recipe for optimum health and happiness that anyone can understand and relate to.

Topics covered include:

Stress management


Time management

Menu planning

Setting goals

Well being

Activity planning

Healthy mind


Developing your inner self

This workbook is your tool, your very own pocket life coach to help you rediscover the healthiest, most productive, positive and creative you.



The Pocket Life Coach


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1845900715
Published: March, 2008
Availability: Available
Price: $24.95
Pages: 144

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