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Guide To The Wildlife Management Areas Of Vermont

Paperback © 2006
ISBN 0977251705
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The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department manages 81 Wildlife Management Areas totaling over 118,000 acres. Wildlife Management Areas can be found all over Vermont, each one offering a diversity of plants, animals and natural communities to enjoy.

This 162-page guide is designed to help Vermonters and visitors experience the richness of the wildlife resources of our beautiful landscape. It features detailed colored maps of each Wildlife Management Area with UTM coordinates, plus a general description, a brief history of the land and its acquisition, habitat features, and what common fish and wildlife you may see while visiting the area.

From the spongy carpet of sphagnum moss in Victory Bog to the steep rocky ledges of Birdseye Mountain, the state's Wildlife Management Areas offer something different for everyone. So get your guide today and let the adventures begin.
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