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History and Literature: New Readings of Jewish Texts in Honor of Arnold J.Band
William Cutter (Editor), David C. Jacobson

ISBN 9781930675131
Status Available
Price: $59.95
Binding Hardback
Publication Date December 2002

This collection of essays in honor of Arnold J. Band features close textual readings in a variety of areas, including rabbinics, Jewish history, education, Hebrew literature, Yiddish literature, and American Jewish literature. The analyzed texts include talmudic legal texts, hasidic tales, folklore, and modern poems, essays, and works of fiction in Hebrew, Yiddish, German, and English.

Preface, David C. Jacobson
Two Views of Arnold Band, Ross Shideler and Kathleen Komar
Reflections on Arnold Band, Scholar, Teacher, Mentor, William Cutter
Dor Dor Vedorshav: Of Fathers and Sons, Michael A. Signer

Part I Classic Jewish Textand Modern Interpreters
Two Literary Talmudic Readings, David M. Gordis
Sefer Ha'aggadah: Triumph or Tragedy?, Alan Mintz
"The Scroll of Fire": An Interpretation, Ezra Spicehandler
Rabbi Nahman's Third Beggar, Joseph Dan
Parallel Worlds: Wissenschaft and Pesaq in the Seridei Esh, David Ellenson
A Third Guide for the Perplexed? Simon Rawidowicz "On Interpretation", David N. Myers

Part II: S. Y. Agnon
S.Y. Agnon's "From Foe to Friend": Agnon between Berit Shalom and Berit Yosef Trumpeldor, Dan Almagor
Is Tehilla Worthy of Her Praise?, Risa Domb
Religious Ecstasy, Erotic Turmoil, and Christian Innuendoes in S.Y. Agnon's "Haneshiqah Harishona" ("First Kiss"), Dalia Dromi
Flirtation in S.Y. Agnon's Shira, Nancy Ezer
Reb Nahman Krochmal in Jaffa: A Hallucinatory Vision in S. Y. Agnon's Temol Shilshom, Avraham Holtz
Childish Distortions of Rabbinic Texts in S. Y. Agnon's "Hamitpahat", David C. Jacobson
What "Dances" in Agnon's "Dance of Death", Malka Shaked
Agnon from a Medieval Perspective, David Stern

Part III: Diaspora
"The Wealthy Señor Miguel": A Study of a Sephardi Novella, Tamar Alexander
The Imagined Jew: Heinrich Heine's "Prinzessin Sabbath", Michael A. Meyer
The Way of the "Wail of the Wind": Peretz Smolenskin's Latent, Worthy Ars Poetica, Yair Mazor
Assonance and Its Share in Irony: Comments on Sefer Hakabtsanim, David Patterson
Three Kalikes: A Comparative Study of Mendele, Agnon, and Bashevis, Gershon Shaked
Some Crosscurrents of Linguistic Nationalism: M.Y. Berdyczewski on the Centrality of Hebrew, William Cutter
Bialik's "Tsafririm": Innocence and Experience, Glenda Abramson
Death in a Furnished Room: Rereading Isaac Rosenfeld's Obituaries, Steven J. Zipperstein
Philip Roth, Jewish Identity, and the Satire of Modern Success, Murray Baumgarten

Part IV: Zionism, Holocaust and Israel
Rachel and the Female Voice: Labor, Gender, and the Zionist Pioneer Vision, Yael Zerubavel
Revising the Past: The Image of the Idyllic "Village", Gabriella Moscati Steindler
Why Did the River Turn Red?: On the Story "Orsha" by Gershon Schofmann, Avner Holtzman
A Prayer of Homecoming by Abraham Sutzkever, Ruth R. Wisse
The Kernel, Aharon Appelfeld
Who is a Jew? Dan Ben Amotz's Novel To Remember, To Forget, Nurith Gertz
Rereading Dan Pagis's "Abba", Robert Baruch
What Learning is Most Worth?, Walter Ackerman
Aharon Megged's "Burden" in His Portrayals of the Effects of Israel's Wars, Stanley Nash
Shading the Truth: A. B. Yehoshua's "Facing the Forests", Gilead Morahg
Political Mothers: Women's Voice and the Binding of Isaac in Israeli Poetry, Ruth Kartun-Blum
Zionist Dreams and Savyon Liebrecht's "A Cow Named Virginia", Naomi Sokoloff
Between Genesis and Sophocles: Biblical Psychopolitics in A. B. Yehoshua's Mr. Mani, Yael S. Feldman
Amichai's Open Closed Open and Now and in Other Days: A Poetic Dialogue, Nili Rachel Scharf Gold
The Frigid Option: A Psychocultural Study of the Novel Love Life by Zeruya Shalev, Yigal Schwartz.

Brown Judaic Studies
506 pages
2002 Code: 140334

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