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American Catholic Biblical Scholarship: A History from the Early Republic to Vatican II
Gerald P. Fogarty, S.J.

ISBN 9781589832350
Status Available
Price: $44.95
Binding Paperback
Publication Date October 2006

“This work is the second volume of the ‘Confessional Perspective Series’ commissioned by the Society of Biblical Literature, and it is edited jointly with the Catholic Biblical Association of America. The author is a distinguished and veteran Jesuit historian, a professor at the University of Virginia. The sub-title, ‘A History from the Early Republic to Vatican II,’ indicates a survey from 1789 (when John Carroll was appointed the first Catholic Bishop in the U.S.) to 1965, the end of the Second Vatican Council. The bulk of the work deals with the slow growth of biblical scholarship from 1885 to the 1950s when it rapidly took off on a course in which it has not looked back.”
— Roland E. Murphy, Theology Today

“Fogarty’s book is more than history; he analyzes trends, traces themes, and evaluates movements. Scholarly, it will also provide useful perspectives for nonspecialists, especially because of the attention it gives to the development of a theory of revelation and inspiration.”
— Joseph Jensen, Cross Currents

“Fogarty deserves high praise for bringing to his study a clear understanding not only of such specialized methods as biblical criticism but also of such theological concepts as inspiration and the inerrancy of the Bible. This substantial contribution to the intellectual history of the Catholic Church in the United States will undoubtedly prove to be of lasting value.”
— Robert Trisco, Catholic Historical Review

“Fogarty has succeeded in providing American Catholic scholarship a valuable study that will go far to dispel the abiding opinion that American Catholics possess no significant indigenous biblical or theological tradition. American historical theology in general is enriched by this skillful edition, and the Society of Biblical Literature is to be congratulated for its sponsorship. Moreover, the book is of value not only to theologians and historians but to all who are interested in the question of the relation of academic freedom and ecclesiastical authority.”
— Arie J. Griffioen, Calvin Theological Journal

“Fogarty offers an illuminating account of a story that has never before been told. It should be read by priests, pastors and others who want to understand the struggle to interpret the Bible critically despite dogmatic and tyrannical ecclesiastical institutions. In addition, a remarkable correspondence exists between the development of critical biblical scholarship in Roman Catholic and in Protestant communities. Critical biblical scholarship may someday play a decisive role in ecumenical dialogue and cooperation and perhaps even in denominational mergers that will reconstitute the unity of the early Christian movement.”
— Herman C. Waetjen, Christian Century

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