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Psalms in Community: Jewish and Christian Textual, Liturgical, and Artistic Traditions
Harold W. Attridge, Margot E. Fassler

ISBN 9781589830783
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Binding Paperback
Publication Date April 2004

The Psalms, initially shaped by the experiences of ancient Israel, have for two thousand years expressed the hopes and fears, yearnings and devotion, of communities of conviction. The twenty-five essays in this volume provide a much-needed diachronic perspective and, representing disciplines such as biblical studies, liturgical studies, musicology, art history, theology, and literature, move beyond the initial cultural context of the Psalms to explore their appropriation and contribution to the lives of Jews and Christians across the centuries.

Harold W. Attridge is Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament at Yale Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut. Margot E. Fassler is Robert S. Tangeman Professor, Yale School of Music and Yale Divinity School, and Director, Institute of Sacred Music at Yale University.


Introduction: The Psalms in Two Religious Traditions

Christian Liturgical Psalmody: Origins, Development, Decomposition, Collapse
—Robert F. Taft, S.J.

Hallels, Midrash, Canon, and Loss: Psalms in Jewish Liturgy
—Lawrence A. Hoffman

Part 1: Psalms in the Life of Ancient Israel

Sweet Singer of Israel: David and the Psalms in Early Judaism
—Esther M. Menn

Amazing Grace: The Transformation of the Thanksgiving Hymn at Qumran
—John J. Collins

The Psalter as a Book of Theology
—Patrick D. Miller

Part 2: Psalms in Christian Origins

Giving Voice to Jesus: Use of the Psalms in the New Testament
—Harold W. Attridge

The Psalms and the Origins of Christology
—Adela Yarbro Collins

Christian “Rock” Music at Corinth?
—Diana M. Swancutt

Part 3: Psalms in Formative Judaism and Christianity

Philo’s Impact on Christian Psalmody
—Peter Jeffery

Finding the Right Key: The Aims and Strategies of Early Christian Interpretation of the Psalms
—Brian Daley, S.J.

A Note on the Peshitta Psalms and Their Use at Ramsa (Evening Prayer) in the East Syrian Tradition
—Bryan D. Spinks

Part 4: Psalms in the Latin Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period

Hildegard and the Dawn Song of Lauds: An Introduction to Benedictine Psalmody
—Margot Fassler

Illuminated Psalter Commentaries
—Walter Cahn

“Soul Anatomy”: Calvin’s Commentary on the Psalms
—Serene Jones

Calvin’s Geneva and the Psalms
—Carlos Eire

Feathered Psalms: Old World Forms in a New World Garb
—Jaime Lara

Part 5: Case Studies of Contemporary Practice

Psalms in a Contemporary African American Church
—Gilbert I. Bond

Chanting Psalms Today: The Zemirot in Syrian Sabbath Prayers
—Mark Kligman

Tradition and Renewal in Contemporary Greek Orthodox Psalmody
—Alexander Lingas

Part 6: Textual Tradition in Churches and Synagogues

Texts and Translations in Tension
—Richard J. Clifford, S.J.

Singing God’s Praises: The Translation and Liturgical Uses of Hallel Psalms 113 and 114
—Elliot L. Stevens

Texts in Tension: Translations for Contemporary Worship
—Gordon Lathrop

Part 7: The Psalms in Preaching and Poetry Today

Singing a New Song: The Poetic Afterlife of the Psalms
—Peter S. Hawkins

Mizmor l’David
—Rabbi Margaret Moers Wenig

Evening Prayer, Sunday, 21 January 2001: Psalm 103
—Ellen Davis

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