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New Currents through John: A Global Perspective
Francisco Lozada Jr., Tom Thatcher

ISBN 9781589832015
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Binding Paperback
Publication Date October 2006

New Currents through John brings into focus the dramatic changes in method that have taken place in Johannine studies in the past fifty years. Written in light of John A. T. Robinson’s analysis of the “New Look” in the Johannine scholarship of fifty years ago, each essay in this volume engages a current issue in contemporary research. Contributions from a diversity of voices and perspectives reflect the increasing globalization of theological dialogue. Highlighting the work of emerging scholars against the backdrop of traditional perspectives, this volume also forecasts trends in Johannine scholarship for the next several decades.

“In the midst of dramatic and radical change in biblical studies, with this splendid collection of essays Thatcher and Lozada have done us an immeasurable service. Each article offers invaluable insights and clarifications of the ‘new look’ in Johannine studies. As a result of this volume, readers will find their perspectives on the Gospel of John broadened and their appreciation for the global scholarly community deepened.”
—Robert Kysar, Bandy Professor Emeritus of Preaching and New Testament, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

“For this book, ten emerging Johannine scholars were given the same assignment: using John A.T. Robinson’s 1957 essay ‘The New Look on the Fourth Gospel’ as their starting point, they were to chart the ‘New Look’ that has developed in the intervening half-century, and to make an educated guess at what the coming years might hold for the study of the Gospel of John. A final essay by Alan Culpepper reflects upon their endeavours and places it in the context of the field as a whole. The volume testifies to the diversity of interests, and, increasingly, the plurality of voices, which add depth and richness to the field of Johannine studies. This is serious and engaging scholarship that documents the fascination that this Gospel still exerts, even after two millennia of discussion and debate. Required reading for all who are interested in the Fourth Gospel and in the multiple interpretations that it calls forth.”
—Adele Reinhartz, University of Ottawa

“In this edited work, ten more recent Johannine scholars chart the ‘New Look’ that has developed within studies on John’s Gospel over the last 50 years. … From this they also offer a trajectory for how studies in John’s Gospel may develop in the coming years. … this publication really is a ‘must read’ for anyone involved in serious Johannine studies. It offers an authentic connection with past and present established scholarship on John’s Gospel. At the same time it opens the window wide open for looking at new, viable Johannine horizons—particularly in light of the by now well-recognized diversity within new global trends and perspectives.”
— Glenn Balfour, Journal for the Study of the New Testament

Francisco Lozada Jr. teaches biblical studies at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas, and received his Ph.D. from Vanderbilt University. He is author of A Literary Reading of John 5: Text as Construction (Society of Biblical Literature) and is a member of the Program Committee for the Society of Biblical Literature.

Tom Thatcher teaches New Testament at Cincinnati Christian University in Ohio. He received his Ph.D. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (Louisville) and is an ordained minister of the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. He is the author or editor of numerous books and articles, including Jesus in Johannine Tradition (Westminster John Knox) and The Riddles of Jesus in John: A Study in Tradition and Folklore (Society of Biblical Literature).


Introduction—The New Current through John: The Old “New Look” and the New Critical Orthodoxy
—Tom Thatcher

Part 1. New Currents through History and Theology

“I Will Raise [Whom?] Up on the Last Day”: Anthropology as a Feature of Johannine Eschatology
—Jaime Clark-Soles

The Role of John 21: Discipleship in Retrospect and Redefinition
—Carsten Claussen

Sources in the Shadows: John 13 and the Johannine Community
—Mary L. Coloe

“Salvation Is from the Jews”: Judaism in the Gospel of John
—Brian D. Johnson

Another Look: Johannine “Subordinationist Christology” and the Roman Family
—Beth M. Sheppard

Part 2. The New Current of Readers and Readings

John 2:12–25: A Narrative Reading
—Armand Barus

New Jewish Directions in the Study of the Fourth Gospel
—Matthew Kraus

The Johannine Community: Caught in “Two Worlds”
—Yak-hwee Tan

Part 3. Reflection and Forecast

Social Location and Johannine Scholarship: Looking Ahead
—Francisco Lozada Jr.

Looking Downstream: Where Will the New Currents Take Us?
—R. Alan Culpepper

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