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A Gyrovector Space Approach To Hyperbolic Geometry  Buy  
Abraham Ungar, Steven Krantz 
Paperback Availability:   Available Price $45.00

An Introduction to Multivariable Mathematics  Buy  
Leon Simon, Steven G. Krantz 
Paperback Availability:   Available Price $40.00

Chaotic Maps: Dynamics, Fractals, and Rapid Fluctuations  Buy  
Goong Chen, Yu Huang, Steven Krantz 
Paperback Availability:   Available Price $60.00

Chronobioengineering  Buy  
Donald Mceachron, John Enderle 
Paperback Availability:   Available Price $40.00

Essentials of Applied Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers  Buy  
Robert G. Watts 
Paperback Availability:   Out of stock Price $35.00

Introduction to Statistics for Biomedical Engineers  Buy  
Kristina Ropella, John D. Enderle 
Paperback Availability:   Available Price $40.00

Jordan Canonical Form: Application To Differential Equations  Buy  
Steven Weintraub, Steven G. Krantz 
Paperback Availability:   Available Price $35.00

Jordan Canonical Form: Theory and Practice  Buy  
Steven Weintraub, Steven G. Krantz 
Paperback Availability:   Available Price $40.00

Lectures on Financial Mathematics: Discrete Asset Pricing  Buy  
Greg Anderson, Alec Kercheval, Steven Krantz 
Paperback Availability:   Available Price $25.00

Statistics Is Easy  Buy  
Dennis Shasha, Manda Wilson, Steven Krantz 
Paperback Availability:   Available Price $30.00

T-Tests and Beyond     
Patricia Shewokis, Steven Krantz 
Paperback Availability:   Out of Print Price $40.00

The Geometry Of Walker Manifolds  Buy  
Miguel Brozos-Vazquez, Eduardo Garcia-Rio, Peter Gilkey, Stana Nikcevic, Ramon Vazquez-Lorenzo, Steven Krantz 
Paperback Availability:   Available Price $40.00
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