Advanced Concepts and Architectures for Plasma-Enabled Material Processing
By Oleg O. Baranov, Igor Levchenko, Shuyan Xu, Kateryna Bazaka

, 90 pages © 2020
ISBN 1681739100
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Plasma-based techniques are widely and successfully used across the field of materials processing, advanced nanosynthesis, and nanofabrication. The diversity of currently available processing architectures based on or enhanced by the use of plasmas is vast, and one can easily get lost in the opportunities presented by each of these configurations. This mini-book provides a concise outline of the most important concepts and architectures in plasma-assisted processing of materials, helping the reader navigate through the fundamentals of plasma system selection and optimization. Architectures discussed in this book range from the relatively simple, user-friendly types of plasmas produced using direct current, radio-frequency, microwave, and arc systems, to more sophisticated advanced systems based on incorporating and external substrate architectures, and complex control mechanisms of configured magnetic fields and distributed plasma sources.
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