Tunable Materials with Applications in Antennas and Microwaves
By John N. Sahalos, George A. Kyriacou, Constantine A. Balanis

, 252 pages © 2019
ISBN 1681736314
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Tunable Materials with Applications in Antennas and Microwaves is a stimulating topic in these modern times.

With the explosion of the new generation of the wireless world, greater emphasis than ever before is being placed on the analysis and applications of modern materials. This book describes the characteristics of Ferrites and Ferroelectrics and introduces the reader to Multiferroics.

  1. Represents, in a simple manner, the solid state physics and explains the permittivity and permeability tensor characteristics for the tunable materials of infinite and finite dimensions.
  2. Gives the applications of tunable materials in resonators, filters, microstrips, striplines, antennas, phase shifters, capacitors, varactors, and frequency selective surfaces.
  3. Describes in detail the mathematical analysis for spin and magnetostatic waves for infinite medium, thin slab films, and finite circular discs. The analysis contains original work, which the reader may extend in the future.
  4. Provides multiferroics, which are ferrite and ferroelectric composites. Multiferroics are very promising tunable materials which are believed will offer many applications in the near future.
  5. Contains the planar transmission lines with analytic formulas for multilayer microstrips, transmission lines, and waveguides with isotropic as well as anisotropic dielectric and magnetic materials. Also, gives the formulas to analyze the layered category of transmission lines with multiferroics.

This book is intended for antenna and microwave engineers as well as for graduate students of Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Physics Departments.

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