Double-Grid Finite-Difference Frequency-Domain (DG-FDFD) Method for Scattering from Chiral Objects
By Erdogan Alkan, Veysel Demir, Atef Elsherbeni

, 129 pages © 2013
ISBN 1627051457
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This book presents the application of the overlapping grids approach to solve chiral material problems using the FDFD method. Due to the two grids being used in the technique, we will name this method as Double-Grid Finite Difference Frequency-Domain (DG-FDFD) method. As a result of this new approach the electric and magnetic field components are defined at every node in the computation space. Thus, there is no need to perform averaging during the calculations as in the aforementioned FDFD technique [16]. We formulate general 3D frequency-domain numerical methods based on double-grid (DG-FDFD) approach for general bianisotropic materials. The validity of the derived formulations for different scattering problems has been shown by comparing the obtained results to exact and other solutions obtained using different numerical methods.
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