An Introduction to the Locally Corrected Nystrom Method
By Andrew Peterson, Malcolm Bibby, Constantine Balanis (Series Editor)

Paperback © 2010
ISBN 1608452999
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This lecture provides a tutorial introduction to the Nystrom and locally-corrected Nystrom methods when used for the numerical solutions of the common integral equations of two-dimensional electromagnetic fields. These equations exhibit kernel singularities that complicate their numerical solution. Classical and generalized Gaussian quadrature rules are reviewed. The traditional Nystrom method is summarized, and applied to the magnetic field equation for illustration. To obtain high order accuracy in the numerical results, the locally-corrected Nystrom method is developed and applied to both the electric field and magnetic field equations. In the presence of target edges, where current or charge density singularities occur, the method must be extended through the use of appropriate singular basis functions and special quadrature rules. This extension is also described.

Table of Contents: Introduction / Classical Quadrature Rules / The Classical Nystrom Method / The Locally-Corrected Nystrom Method / Generalized Gaussian Quadrature / LCN Treatment of Edge Singularities

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