Humanitarian Engineering
By Carl Mitcham, David Munoz, Caroline Baillie (Series Editor)

Paperback © 2010
ISBN 1608451518
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Humanitarian Engineering is written by an interdisciplinary scholar of science, technology, and society studies (Mitcham) and an engineer (Muñoz), both of whom are dedicated to the controversial activity called humanitarian engineering. It argues for the possibility of this new form of engineering by considering, first, the character of engineering in its originating historical context; second, humanitarianism as a new historical context; and third, connections between the two — that is, the role engineering can play in the new context in the form of the ideal of humanitarian engineering. Having presented the ideal of humanitarian engineering, we then consider some key elements in humanitarian engineering education and its challenges. A brief conclusion reviews the argument.

Table of Contents: Preface / Engineering / Humanitarianism / Humanitarian Engineering / Humanitarian Engineering Education / Challenges / Conclusion / References

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