Communication Networks: A Concise Introduction
By Jean Walrand, Shyam Parekh

Paperback © 2010
ISBN 1608450945
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This book is based on an upper division course on communication networks that the authors have taught in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences of the University of California at Berkeley. Over the thirty years when we taught the course, networks have evolved from the early Arpanet and experimental versions of Ethernet to a global Internet with broadband wireless access and new applications from social networks to sensor networks. We have used many textbooks over these years. The goal of the notes is to be more faithful to the actual material we present. In a one semester course, it is not possible to cover an 800-page book. Instead, in the course and in these notes we focus on the key principles that we believe the students should understand. We want the course to show the forest as much as the trees. Networking technology keeps on evolving. Our students will not be asked to re-invent TCP/IP. They need a conceptual understanding to keep on inventing the future.
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