Performance Modeling, Loss Networks, and Statistical Multiplexing
By Ravi Mazumdar, Jean Walrand (Series Editor)

Paperback © 2010
ISBN 1608450767
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This monograph presents a concise mathematical approach for modeling and analyzing the performance of communication networks with the aim of understanding the phenomenon of statistical multiplexing. The novelty of the monograph is the fresh approach and insights provided by a sample-path methodology for queueing models that highlights the important ideas of Palm distributions associated with traffic models and their role in performance measures. Also presented are recent ideas of large buffer, and many sources asymptotics that play an important role in understanding statistical multiplexing. In particular, the important concept of effective bandwidths as mappings from queueing level phenomena to loss network models is clearly presented along with a detailed presentation of loss network models and accurate approximations for large networks.

Table of Contents: Introduction to Traffic Models and Analysis / Queues and Performance Analysis / Loss Models for Networks / Statistical Multiplexing

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