India's Nuclear Fuel Cycle
By Taraknath Woddi, William Charlton, Paul Nelson

Paperback © 2009
ISBN 1598299840
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An analysis of the current (February 2009) status and future potential of India's nuclear fuel cycle is presented in this book. Such a fuel cycle assessment is important, but relatively opaque because India regards various aspects of its nuclear fuel cycle as strategically sensitive. Any study therefore necessarily depends upon reverse calculations based on the information that is available, expert assessments, engineering judgment and anecdotal information. In this work every effort is made to provide transparency to these foundations, so that changes can be made in light of alternative expectations or subsequent information. This book should be of interest to policy experts, governmental specialists, technologists, nuclear technologists, and others seeking to understand and explain the associated facts and potential consequences of the recent U.S.-India civil nuclear accord.

Table of Contents: Introduction / A Brief History of the Indian Nuclear Program / Indian Nuclear Facilities / Fuel Cycle Analysis: From Beginning to Present Day / Fuel Cycle Analysis: Future Projections / Alternate Reactor Systems / Conclusions / Acknowledgements

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