Common Ground in Electronically Mediated Conversation
By Andrew Monk, John M. Carroll (Series Editor)

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ISBN 1598298577
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Human-Centered Informatics has come to encompass technologies that mediate human-human communication such as text-based chat or desk-top video conferencing. The designers of equipment that electronically mediate communication need answers to questions that depend on knowledge of how we use language. What communication tasks will benefit from a shared whiteboard? When are text messages better than speech? Thus the theory that informs the design of these artifacts is a theory of human-human interaction.

Previous theories of language use divide into the cognitive and the social. Herbert Clark has developed a theory of language use that bridges these two camps and that can make practically relevant predictions for the design of facilities to electronically mediate communication. In this lecture, the concepts of Herbert Clark’s theory of common ground are explored, an example of its use is demonstrated, and five case studies are included.

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