Pragmatic Power
By William Eccles, Mitchell Thornton (Series Editor)

Paperback © 2008
ISBN 1598297988
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Pragmatic Power is focused on just three aspects of the AC electrical power system that supplies and moves the vast majority of electrical energy nearly everywhere in the world: three-phase power systems, transformers, and induction motors. The reader needs to have had an introduction to electrical circuits and AC power, although the text begins with a review of the basics of AC power. Balanced three-phase systems are studied by developing their single-phase equivalents. The study includes a look at how the cost of "power" is affected by reactive power and power factor. Transformers are considered as a circuit element in a power system, one that can be reasonably modeled to simplify system analysis. Induction motors are presented as the most common way to change electrical energy into rotational energy. Examples include the correct selection of an induction motor for a particular rotating load. All of these topics include completely worked examples to aid the reader in understanding how to apply what has been learned. This short lecture book will be of use to students at any level of engineering, not just electrical, because it is intended for the practicing engineer or scientist looking for a practical, applied introduction to AC power systems. The authors "pragmatic" and applied style gives a unique and helpful "nonidealistic, practical, and opinionated" introduction to the topic. Table of Contents: Three-Phase Power: 3 > 3 x 1 / Transformers: Edison Lost / Induction Motors: Just One Moving Part
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