Engineering: Women and Leadership
By Zoli, Bhalia, Davidson, Rusch, Baillie

Paperback © 2008
ISBN 159829668X
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In this book we explore a sea change occurring in leadership for academic women in the sciences and engineering. Our approach is a two-pronged one: On the one hand, we outline the nature of the changes and their sources, both in various literatures and from program research results. On the other hand, we specify and provide detail about the persistent problems and obstacles that remain as barriers to women's full participation in academic science and engineering, their career advancement and success, and, most important, their role as leaders in making change. At the heart of this book is our goal to give some shape to the research, practice, and programs developed by women academic leaders making institutional change in the sciences and engineering.

Table of Contents: Women in a New Era of Academic Leadership / Background: Academic Leadership for Women in Science and Engineering / Gender and Leadership: Theories and Applications / Women in Engineering Leadership Institute: Critical Issues for Women Academic Engineers as Leaders / From Success Stories to Success Strategies: Leadership for Promoting Diversity in Academic Science and Engineering / Conclusion

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