Introduction to Statistics for Biomedical Engineers
By Kristina Ropella, John D. Enderle (Series Editor)

Paperback © 2007
ISBN 1598291963
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Too often, texts about statistics have been rather theoretical and intimidating for those not practicing in the field of statistics. Thus, many engineers and scientists, who need to use statistics much more frequently than calculus or differential equations, have avoided acquiring sufficient knowledge of the subject of statistics. The audience that is addressed in this text is the university-level biomedical engineering student who needs a stripped-down coverage of the most basic statistical analysis most frequently used in biomedical engineering practice. The text introduces students to the essential vocabulary and basic concepts of probability and statistics that are required to perform the numerical summary and statistical analysis used in the biomedical field. This text is considered a starting point for important issues to consider when designing an experiments, summarizing data, assuming a probability model for the data, testing hypotheses, and drawing conclusion from sampled data.
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