Fundamentals of Electromagnetics 2
By David Voltmer, Constantine A. Balanis (Series Editor)

Paperback © 2007
ISBN 1598291726
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This book is the second of two volumes which have been created to provide an understanding of the basic principles and applications of electromagnetic fields for electrical engineering students. Fundamentals of Electromagnetics Vol 2: Quasistatics and Waves examines how the low-frequency models of lumped elements are modified to include parasitic elements. For even higher frequencies, wave behavior in space and on transmission lines is explained. Finally, the textbook concludes with details of transmission line properties and applications. Upon completion of this book and its companion Fundamentals of Electromagnetics Vol 1: Internal Behavior of Lumped Elements, with a focus on the DC and low-frequency behavior of electromagnetic fields within lumped elements, students will have gained the necessary knowledge to progress to advanced studies of electromagnetics.
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