Network Simulation
By Richard Fujimoto, Kalyan Perumalla, George Riley, Jean Walrand (Series Editor)

Paperback © 2007
ISBN 1598291106
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Network Simulation presents a detailed introduction to the design, implementation, and use of network simulation tools. Discussion topics include the requirements and issues faced for simulator design and use in wired networks, wireless networks, distributed simulation environments, and fluid model abstractions. Several existing simulations are given as examples, with details regarding design decisions and why those decisions were made. Issues regarding performance and scalability are discussed in detail, describing how one can utilize distributed simulation methods to increase the scale and performance of a simulation environment. Finally, a case study of two simulation tools is presented that have been developed using distributed simulation methodology. This text is essential to any student, researcher, or network architect in need of a detailed understanding of how network simulation tools are designed, implemented, and used.
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