Super Resolution of Images and Video
By Aggelos Katsaggelos, Rafael Molina, Javier Mateos, Alan C. Bovik

Paperback © 2007
ISBN 1598290843
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Authors Katsaggelos, Molina, and Mateos present in a systematic way the building blocks of the Bayesian framework, which is also used as a reference in reviewing and comparing Super Resolution (SR) approaches which have appeared in the literature. This work should serve as a reference to the graduate student who would like to work in this area, to the practicing engineer, and scientists applying some of the tools and results to other related problems. The authors present a case that there is a strong relationship between the tools and techniques developed for SR and a number of other inverse problems encountered in signal processing (e.g., image restoration, and motion estimation). SR techniques can also be an integral part of an image and video codec and they can drive the development of new coder-decoders (codecs) and standards.
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