Higher-Order FDTD Schemes for Waveguide and Antenna Structures
By Nikolaos Kantartzis, Theodoros Tsiboukis, Constantine A Balanis (Series Editor)

Paperback © 2006
ISBN 1598290282
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Higher-Order Schemes for Waveguides and Antenna Structures provides comprehensive and systematic coverage of higher-order finite difference time domain (FDTD) spatial/temporal schemes and demonstrates their decisive role as a powerful modeling tool in computational electromagnetics. The book begins with a brief introduction on modern time-domain methods, the most serious shortcomings of the second-order Yee's algorithm, and the key merits of the higher-order FDTD methodology. It introduces several novel ideas for the improvement and extension of the higher-order FDTD schemes, such as the formulation of generalized curvilinear covariant/contravariant tessellations, the higher-order frequency-dependent FDTD technique, the wideband dispersion-optimized schemes, various fast temporal integrators, and the treatment of evanescent waves. A significant part of the book deals with the numerical modeling of up-to-date waveguides and antennas. Indicative examples are presented and several hard-to-model configurations are successfully simulated. All applications are realistic, while most of the results are compared with measurements or simulations by way of existing methods. The book closes with an extensive list of references which offer additional evidence on the competences of higher-order FDTD schemes.
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