Biomedical Image Analysis: Tracking
By Scott Acton, Nilanjan Ray, Al Bovik (Series Editor)

Paperback © 2006
ISBN 1598290185
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Biomedical Image Analysis: Tracking addresses methods for extracting image information from biological/medical images for use in tracking biological targets. Here, and in the forthcoming companion Biomedical Image Analysis: Segmentation (Morgan & Claypool, ISBN: 1598290207), the authors concentrate on aspects of image analysis rather than the modalities or the imaging process itself. This lecture will be a valuable resource for graduate students, faculty, and industrial/governmental researchers interested in applications of imaging, or more specifically, biomedical imaging. It is written from first principles and will be accessible to a broad readership. Key Features: * Methods for tracking using active contours, together with a discussion of selection of parameters and weights * Methods for implementing snakes by way of dynamic programming * Probabilistic methods for tracking, with a description of the Kalman filter * Coverage of factored sampling and Monte Carlo methods, including the newly emerging particle filter * A summary of important new advances in target tracking, including multi-target tracking techniques * Description of shape-based methods for biomedical image analysis
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