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March 25, 2019
New Release
The Student Mindset: A 30-item toolkit for anyone learning anything

The Student Mindset: A 30-item toolkit for anyone learning anything

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Therapeutic Hypnosis with Children and Adolescents, Second Edition
By Laurence Sugarman MD (Editor), William Wester II, EdD (Editor)

In this completely revised, updated and expanded volume, the editors have brought together some of the fields most outstanding contributors to examine the wide-ranging applications and promise of the use of hypnosis with children.  The book develops core principles of clinical hypnosis with children and adolescents and each contributor elucidates how they apply these precepts in a range of psychological and medical settings. The result is a constellation of perspectives and clinical applications that move the reader beyond literature review to practical advice.

In Part 1, the broad framework of hypnosis with children is elucidated: concepts, developmental considerations, approaches to induction, hypnotic ability, hypnosis with families and ethical considerations are reviewed.  Additionally, the implications of a developmental perspective in hypnosis are extrapolated to work with adults.


Parts 2 and 3 illuminate key psychological and medical applications of hypnosis.  In the psychological realm, trauma, habit disorders, somatoform disorders, depression, anxiety and behavioral disorders are scrutinized.  A particularly original chapter explores the use of clinical hypnosis with the family as the patient. The medical section describes the integration of hypnosis from acute care settings to the operating room; in pain management, chronic diseases, elimination disorders, recurrent pain and palliative care.

Throughout the book, clinical vignettes draw the reader into the hypnotic encounter while supportive evidence, strategies and caveats provide insights. This unique combination of literature review, diverse clinical perspective, and “how-to-do-it” clinical integration makes the second edition an essential book required on the desk of all clinicians who strive to build person-centered, creative, mind-body therapies into their clinical care of children and adolescents. It will be of immeasurable value to both the experienced clinician as well as the beginning practitioner.



Therapeutic Hypnosis with Children and Adolescents, Second Edition


Format: Hardback
ISBN: 1845908732
Published: October, 2013
Availability: Available
Price: $59.95
Pages: 560