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March 9, 2021
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Making Every MFL Lesson Count: Six principles to support great foreign language teaching

Making Every MFL Lesson Count: Six principles to support great foreign language teaching

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Hypnotize Yourself Out of Pain Now!
By Bruce N Eimer

Hypnotize Yourself Out of Pain Now! is for people who suffer chronic pain. Hypnosis for pain management is not a newly invented therapy or clinical application, but in fact has been employed with great success for more than two centuries. The use of hypnosis as a tool for relieving pain is not experimental it is in fact tried, true, and proven. This book focuses on your role in being your own healer and looks at ways to improve your relationship with yourself. It will help you explore a wide range of hypnotic and self- hypnosis techniques for helping you to improve your ability to cope with and manage discomfort so that you can live more comfortably.

You will learn how to:

Use self-hypnosis to relieve your pain

Tap into your own innate ability to control pain

Interrupt your body's chronic pain loop

Choose the method of self-hypnosis best suited to you

Use a variety of powerful tools to reduce or eliminate your pain now!

When you've had pain that hasn't responded to treatment for a long time, it's natural to become disillusioned and expect nothing to work. This book provides a fresh look at the problem of managing persistent, physical pain using the tool of self-hypnosis, and this new approach comes from an experienced hypnosis clinician and clinical psychologist who is a pain sufferer himself.Included is a free pain relief audio CD on which the author leads you through a series of mindful exercises that teach gentle and safe ways to manage and relieve chronic pain. It is designed to expand and improve your ability to control and cope with pain and diminish suffering with repeated listening to the CD over a period of days. The informative and pleasant suggestions are easy to follow, and the soothing and relaxing background music helps to further your experience of relaxation and comfort.

'An excellent resource for both therapists and for those who experience chronic pain. The suggestions and exercises provide a great variety of ideas for the novice and the experienced practitioner alike.'

Dr Susi Strang Wood MBChB, MRCGP, UKCP Psychotherapist



Hypnotize Yourself Out of Pain Now!


Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1845900871
Published: June, 2008
Availability: Available
Price: $26.95
Pages: 256