Dynamic Speech Models
By Li Deng, B.h. Juang (Series Editor)

Paperback © 2006
ISBN 1598290649
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Dynamic Speech Models provides a comprehensive overview of mathematical models of speech dynamics and addresses the following issues: " How do we make sense of the complex speech process in terms of its functional role of speech communication? " How do we quantify the special role of speech timing? " How do the dynamics relate to the variability of speech which has often been said to seriously hamper automatic speech recognition? " How do we put the dynamic process of speech into a quantitative form to enable detailed analyses? " How can we incorporate the knowledge of speech dynamics into computerized speech analysis and recognition algorithms? The answers to all these questions require building and applying computational models for the dynamic speech process. Such scientific studies help understand why humans speak as they do and how humans exploit redundancy and variability by way of multi-tiered dynamic processes to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of speech. Second, advancement of human language technology, especially in automatic recognition of human speech is expected to benefit from comprehensive computational modeling of speech dynamics. The limitations of current speech recognition technology are serious and are well known. A commonly acknowledged and frequently discussed weakness of the statistical model underlying current speech recognition technology is the lack of adequate dynamic modeling schemes to provide correlation structure across the temporal speech observation sequence. Dynamic speech modeling may serve as an ultimate solution to this problem.
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